About MGT


Since 1990, when MGT Consulting Group (previously MGT of America) completed our first post-Croson disparity study, we have successfully completed 200 studies for public sector clients across the country. MGT has a proven track record of conducting legally defensible disparity studies that have played a vital role in assessing and evaluating the extent of marketplace discrimination, if any, on a national scale. Our mission is to provide high quality, value added consulting solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and provide a meaningful return on investment to our clients and all other stakeholders. Visit our website at www.mgtconsulting.com to learn more about our services and projects.

We have over 25 years of firsthand experience with the complexities involved in conducting disparity studies aligned with current methodologies and legal standards. A snapshot of our credentials include:

  • Experience withstanding legal challenges.
  • Enhanced private sector analysis, including building permits analysis.
  • Comprehensive approach to availability analysis, covering bidder/vendor and custom census (Dun and Bradstreet).
  • Conducting a more robust anecdotal analysis, which includes separate stakeholder interviews.


  • Comprehensive review of all available data.
  • Highly credentialed staff, including Ph.D. research staff and masters level research staff.
  • Conducted more studies in racially, ethnically, and socio-economically diverse communities than most other firms.
  • Regression analysis upheld multiple times by federal circuit courts.


Our NYC team includes:

FREFSeamonD SEAMON, PH.D. Executive Vice President
MGT Consulting Group, 1983–Present

  • Dr. Seamon has over 30 years of consulting, research, and graduate teaching experience.
  • Dr. Seamon has played a major role in over 100 of MGT’s disparity studies
  • His disparity study areas of expertise include qualitative research methods, community engagement, and outreach and policy analysis.
    NYC Responsibilities: Quality Control, Anecdotal Research

RSmithREGINALD SMITH Vice President, Disparity Research
MGT Consulting Group, 1999–Present

  • Smith is nationally recognized for managing and directing disparity studies and is the leader of MGT’s disparity team and MGT’s disparity study business unit.
  • He has directed over three dozen studies since joining MGT and has managed some of the largest disparity studies in the country.
  • He played a key role in developing and refining MGT’s methodology and quality standards for conducting disparity studies.
  • Spent over 15 years in various managerial and administrative positions with state agencies.

NYC Responsibilities: Project Director, Anecdotal Research, Quality Control, Methodology

VMitchellVERNETTA MITCHELL Senior Consultant
MGT Consulting Group, 2008–Present

  • Mitchell has developed and managed small, minority, and women business programs within local government and private sector companies.
  • Has a functional knowledge of procurement processes, construction, and program administration.
  • She has extensive knowledge in project management, project scheduling, analytical reporting, facilitation, collection and analysis of qualitative research, and public relations.
  • Recruits and manages our disparity study subconsultants.
  • Mitchell has directed over a dozen studies as project manager.

NYC Responsibilities: Co-Project Director, Lead Anecdotal Researcher, Subconsultant Management

Andres Bernal PictureANDRES BERNAL, J.D., Senior Consultant
MGT Consulting Group, 2008–Present

  • Mr. Bernal has research experience in economic theories, including Microeconomics Theory, Macroeconomic Theory, Econometrics, Regression Analysis, Human and Labor Resource Economics.
  • He has conducted extensive research using statistics and mathematical computation to analyze data.
  • Bernal has extensive experience in SAS, SPSS, database design, Excel, Access, and other Microsoft Office Suites.
  • In addition, he is fluent in English and Spanish.

NYC responsibilities: Lead Data Manager and Analyst, Private Sector, Data Collection



KAI FUENTES, Ebony Marketing Systems (City-certified M/WBE)

GREGORY JENIFER, Armand Resource Group (City-certified M/WBE)

MICHELLE MCKENNA, Market Analytical International (City-certified M/WBE)